Discover what is possible for you and your life!

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Video Testimonials

Kelly had severe neck pain and was extremely skeptical at first but was desperate and in pain.  She was blown … Continue reading Video Testimonials

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Welcome to Belfry Wellness

You have come to the right spot if:
  • you have Musculoskeletal pain (ex: Back, neck or hip pain).
  • you have been suffering in pain for a few weeks to a few years.
  • you have seen other practitioners with limited to no results.
  • your pain is impacting your life (ex: work, playing sports/kids).
  • you are looking to get your life back without pain.
  • you are looking for a natural solution for your pain.
Well I am excited you are here because I can't wait to show you how I can help you get out of pain.  Since my early ch

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A natural solution to back, neck and body pain without the use of force, pills or instruments.

Do you suffer from pain, illness or disease? Do you constantly stress, worry, live in fear or struggle with life? Well you don't have to... Experience what is possible for you and your life!

"My goal is not just to help lessen the pain but for you to see that all answers you are looking for, come from within." What to expect?  Many clients comment how well they feel after a session, some seeing symptoms dim

Group Experiences

A group healing is like several individual healing sessions rolled into ONE dynamic session (See Services for More).

Distance Session

Distance sessions help bring your energy to a level of harmony and balance. Assisting people to heal!

Private Sessions

As an Energy Healer I help with many issues but specialize in musculoskeletal issues (Back, Neck or extremity pain).

Hi Kris,
Thanks very much for the long distance session today and your follow-up email.  Both helped immensely.  I sensed the start and the end of it.

First, I had tears flowing down my cheeks and then my nose did the same.  Some old memories /emotions were stirred, which are probably at the heart of the problem.  Colours of blue and yellow .. Cool !  Trusting my inner voice….I’m working on that. It’s the fear to act on it, that holds me back. : )
Which is trust again, isn’t it ?

- ~ Bailey (Sudbury)