It was an interesting session. I saw colours and could feel things moving around. The best part I had a restful sleep last night, thanks Dr Kris. I definitely felt some emotional baggage lift too during the session. 

A distance session is a personalized treatment designed specifically for you. I have successfully treated people from across Canada and the USA; As far as Europe and the Caribbean, all from a distance while the comfort of your own home.

I will do my best to explain in words what happens during the session. During your scheduled appointment I get into a meditative state and expand my energetic bubble to find your bubble. These are timeless and spaceless as time and space are merely limitations.

Once connected I begin get downloaded messages, images, and /or hear things about the person I’m working on their major areas of need and what needs to attention. Once it’s established we (with the guidance or source) begin to make the necessary changes to improve the physical, emotional and/or energetic issues that came up in the download.  

Each session lasts around 15-20 minutes and afterwards you will be contacted with what came through in the downloads and what had been cleared. For best results it is recommend that you reserve 30-minutes just for you to maximize your session. 
During your session it would be best to be in a relaxed state as well, preferably in a seated or lying position to receive the energies.

What to expect? Most say they feel things, or see things happening, while a few say they feel or see nothing, just feel calm or relaxed. Similar to in-person treatments the best case scenario is that your symptoms improve or completely disappear. The worse case scenario, you feel like you just had a very relaxing massage.