“The embodiment sessions were very helpful to build awareness and understanding about emotional processing and storing. This was very effective at big emotional releases causing relief from anxiety patterns. I very much appreciate Kris’ time, talent and generosity in offering teaching of this technique.” ~Brenda

What is Embodiment Coaching?

I actually get this question fairly frequently. It can be confusing because it’s unlike business, life, sports and relationship coaching. Simply put, embodiment coaching is to get you out of your head, awakened and  connected to and live in your body.

Waking up your body takes the ability to pay attention to an ACTION and pairs it with FEELING, rather than just THINKING, about your experiences. Simply put it is about experiencing life through more of you than just your mind.
Technically speaking we live in our bodies but in today’s world with Netflix, cell phones, game consoles, etc. keep us in our heads. Just think, how many activities do we do, eating, exercising and even having sex, without really being awake in our bodies. When your body is awake you can impact others, without DOing anything. Interactions become richer and more interesting. Connections with both others and yourself become deeper and deeper.

Waking up and feeling alive in our bodys’ is magical, very centering and grounding. How often do you feel the ground on your feet? Have eaten when you are actually thirsty or drank when actually hungry? Noticed how you feel when struggling with someone, having a conversation with someone, or remembering a past event All these examples and many more are a part of embodiment.

Since birth we have accumulated lots of ‘baggage’ over the years. This work of embodiment is about cultivating DEEP trust in your bodies when living in a world that has constantly stripped it away. Through this process of connection allows you to work through physical and emotional problems. That’s how you will regain the trust in your body’s power.

Okay, so what is coaching? You may have heard of the other kinds of coaches. As an Embodiment Coach I help clients clear physical, emotional issues and help support you in creating a life you love through living more consciously and consistently in your body. 

This is about sinking deeper into your own experience, your own trust and your own body wisdom.This seems seems like magic at first, but it’s real. You can ignite attraction simply from the aliveness in your body. You can inspire trust with colleagues and business partners simply from being more grounded or centered in your body.

This is about growing taller by rooting deeper.

This is about pulling in what you desire externally by embodying it first internally.

This is about finding the root of your physical pains.

This is about letting go of the hurt, pain, beliefs and old wounds.

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“Thanks Kris! I’m feeling more like myself again.I should have done this three years ago. It’s very helpful!”