distance treatment

A distance session is a personalized treatment designed specifically for you. During your scheduled appointment Kris will be in a meditative state and will find and tap into your ‘energy’ body. He will then assess what is happening physically, emotionally and/or energetically.

This is an opportunity for those that live too far to have a session with Kris. He has successfully treated people from across Canada and the USA; As far as Europe and the Caribbean, all from a distance.

Each session includes a short consultation followed by a treatment that last 15-20 minutes. Within 30 minutes from your treatment, you will be emailed a detailed note describing what presented during the session, and any necessary recommendations that may be needed post treatment.

For best results it is recommend that you reserve 30-minutes just for you to maximize your session with Kris. During your session it would be best to be in a relaxed state, in a seated or lying position to receive the energies.

What to expect? Most say they feel things, or see things happening, while a few say they feel or see nothing, just feel calm or relaxed. Similar to in-person treatments the best case scenario is that your symptoms improve or completely disappear. The worse case scenario, you feel like you just had a very relaxing massage.

In person treatment

This treatment which is name Enerkinetics is for those that prefer an in person session. Enerkinetics literally means “movement of energy”. All humans have a life energy within them that drives all bodily functions. This energy has been called innate or chi. When balanced the body runs smoothly but when imbalances the body struggles and loses its’ natural ability to heal.  

Physical pain, disease and emotional hurts strike and create an imbalance in the body. Each day we are faced with various stresses that create, add and cause blockages in the flow in energy. 

Enerkinetics developed out of the need to treat a wide range of health problems in a non invasive and most effective manner possible. Combining proven research in the field of quantum physics with various healing modalities. 

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