When I started going to Kris I was having hip and knee pain which occured mainly while I was at rest, sitting or lying down. On occasion when I walked the hip would give way or pinch, causing me to almost fall. When I lay down to sleep the pain extended all the way down my left side from hip to ankle causing a nagging, dull ache like a large toothache. Despite that I resisted taking medication, I found I could not sleep at night without taking Advil and that if I lay on my left side after I’d fallen to sleep the pain woke me.

An x-ray had diagosed mild arthritis in my hip but I instinctively knew that this was not the cause of my pain. I tried taking Glucosamine, MSM and increasing my dosage of Omegas. There was no difference in the pain level. Nor did chiropractic or massage help. This was so frustrating as I am a very active person and consider myself healthy and fit. I had started to work with a personal trainer at the gym and on the first day he asked me to do step-ups, but on the second step my leg collapsed and we ruled those out as a form of training for me.

I’ve had 6-7 treatments with Kris and I now have no pain. I can comfortably sleep on either side I choose, pain-free. I am doing serious step-ups, jumps, skipping, squats at the gym, without pain. I can’t remember the last time I took painkillers to go to sleep. I feel like me again, not a crippled old woman. Thank you, Kris. I don’t understand totally how your work heals. I just know that it does.