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Private Sessions

Since I was a boy my goal was to help people so sessions with me are unique.  Unlike most practitioners I look for the ROOT of your problem and not where you may be feeling the symptoms of the problem.  Many assume they hurt their back and their problem(s) stem from their back but that’s not always the case and why they may not see the changes they are looking for.  That’s the difference in what I do!

In simplest terms, I talk to the body through manipulating your feet, which enables me to determine the various stresses your body is under and where the roots of your problem(s) may lie.  I then stimulates pressure points (like acupuncture) to allow your innate healing potential to balance you physically, emotionally and mentally. With clients across Ontario, Kris sees clients locally in Mississauga, Welland and Sudbury.

A session can be a life changing experience or it could simply feel like you had a relaxing massage.  Ultimately, I believe in empowering clients in helping themselves evolve and heal on all levels.  Once people have completed their recommended treatment plan many comment that if they do hurt themselves they’ll notice themselves clear through their injury in a few hours.  Each sessions include a brief consultation followed by a treatment.

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Distance Session

A distance session is a personalized treatment designed specifically for you.  During your scheduled appointment Kris will be in a meditative state and will find and tap into your ‘energy’ body.  He will then assess what is happening physically, emotionally and/or energetically.

This is an opportunity for those that live too far to have a session with Kris.  He has successfully treated people from across Canada and the USA; As far as Europe and the Caribbean, all from a distance.

Each session includes a short consultation followed by a treatment that last 15-20 minutes.   Within 30 minutes from your treatment, you will be emailed a detailed note describing what presented during the session, and any necessary recommendations that may be needed post treatment.

For best results it is recommend that you reserve 30-minutes just for you to maximize your session with Kris.   During your session it would be best to be in a relaxed state, in a seated or lying position to receive the energies.

What to expect?  Most say they feel things, or see things happening, while a few say they feel or see nothing, just feel calm or relaxed.   Similar to in-person treatments the best case scenario is that your symptoms improve or completely disappear.  The worse case scenario, you feel like you just had a very relaxing massage.