A distance session is a personalized treatment designed specifically for you.  During your scheduled appointment Kris will be in a meditative state and will find and tap into your ‘energy’ body.  He will then assess what is happening physically, emotionally and/or energetically.

This is an opportunity for those that live too far to have a session with Kris.  He has successfully treated people from across Canada and the USA; As far as Europe and the Caribbean, all from a distance.

Each session includes a short consultation followed by a treatment that last 15-20 minutes.   Within 30 minutes from your treatment, you will be emailed a detailed note describing what presented during the session, and any necessary recommendations that may be needed post treatment.

For best results it is recommend that you reserve 30-minutes just for you to maximize your session with Kris.   During your session it would be best to be in a relaxed state, in a seated or lying position to receive the energies.

What to expect?  Most say they feel things, or see things happening, while a few say they feel or see nothing, just feel calm or relaxed.   Similar to in-person treatments the best case scenario is that your symptoms improve or completely disappear.  The worse case scenario, you feel like you just had a very relaxing massage.