Welcome to Belfry Wellness

You have come to the right spot if:

  • you have Musculoskeletal pain (ex: Back, neck or hip pain).
  • you have been suffering in pain for a few weeks to a few years.
  • you have seen other practitioners with limited to no results.
  • your pain is impacting your life (ex: work, playing sports/kids).
  • you are looking to get your life back without pain.
  • you are looking for a natural solution for your pain.

Well I am excited you are here because I can’t wait to show you how I can help you get out of pain.  Since my early childhood I had an innate sense that I wanted to help people, which led me on a journey to study humans and healing. Humans have always fascinated me; it first began with my amazement with how the body worked and later how it healed.

However, it was what was between the ears that really intrigued me. I wanted to know why people do what they do, how people get stuck in their own way, why people love who they love. I love seeing how, why and what makes people tick.

For over a decade I have been helping people help their bodies, minds and souls.  A gifted healer, teacher and intuitive, I use these abilities during each and every session to guide people to a greater awareness and assist them to move through their various complaints and ailments.

Our bodies are much more then the skin you see on the outside and the organs that are inside. At our very core we are just energy. When this energy is aligned and balanced we are radiant and vibrant. But when we experience physical, toxic and emotion traumas we distort this energy creating physical disease.

Do you want to reduce or eliminate pain, improve your overall health and well-being. Increase your energy, feel more peaceful, sleep better and experience a deep relaxation.  Most feel a reduction in their level of stress, feel more peaceful and confident, improving our natural healing abilities.

Since the motor vehicle accident at age 13, I have been been on a relentless quest in search of the cause and answer to ‘why are humans in pain’.   I have travelled across North America having researched and studied many different chiropractic, energy and healing techniques and disciplines.   I stayed with each modality long enough to assess and digest what was useful to my goal, leaving behind anything I believed non-essential, creating my own healing modality.

The ultimate goal is to balance your body at all three levels (physical, emotional and mental-spiritual).  If this inspires you, give him a call.

All the Very Best,


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