Free Event:  This is a weekly event designed for those looking to connect to the healing, calming energy I provide on a regular basis without hassle or limitation.   You can connect in the comfort of your own home or where ever you may roam :).

It will be a fifteen-minute energy amplification starting exactly at 9PM EST every Sunday evening.  You can connect to my global session on the hour, from wherever you are.  It works with your intention alone.  During the fifteen-minutes you simply have to spend the time in a quiet place (preferably with your eyes closed), with the intention of connecting to my global session.

A group energy amplification can simply circulate more energy for each and every participant, raising their energy vibration.  The participate may experience seeing, hearing or feeling various things during the session.

Results:  People comment having had huge shifts and/or see positive changes to some of their complaints.   Others simply say they felt only relaxed and calm afterwards.

Choose for yourself and please join us!