A natural solution to physical and emotional pain without the use of force, pills or solutions.

Hello and welcome! My name is Kris Belfry and at the age of 13 years old I have been on a journey to help others. This odyssey led to study close to fifty different healing modalities until I discovered my very own healing techniques. Basically I talk to the body to determine the root of the pain(s) which, may or may not be where you are experiencing the pain. 

Some people call me a spiritual teacher, others say I am an empathic healer. However, I consider myself a Human Potentialist because I am committed to guiding people to live a life they love, whether it is to be free from a physical pain or an emotional wound. Each and everyone’s story is unique and I believe in being 100% authentic when assisting people in finding what is true for them.

I invite all seekers to connect with me to help them discovery what is possible for them in their life.

My story is the same than yours…Each of us is a miracle, a unique individual just as a falling snowflake, as powerful as nature itself. However, we live in world that is confusing, chaotic and sometimes challenging, which makes us feel small, powerless and unworthy to control our own lives and health. 

Like many my story begins early in life. I grew up in a middle class home in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada. Like many northern rural cities, Sudbury was a very homogenous ‘blue collar’ town. White, mostly english-speaking catholics who worked hard and played harder. Similar to most families in my community, both my parents worked, my father a mechanic and mother a bank teller and every Sunday we all gathered at our local church for prayer.

Like most people, it was those early experiences that helped shape how I saw the world. Science even shows that 95% of our beliefs are programmed by age 5. It is these beliefs that create those constant thoughts that clutter my mind and caused that constant inner chatter. I wasn’t always present to this mental noise but it always ran quietly in the background deeply embedded in my life. It never stopped, from the moment I woke until moment I finally drifted to sleep. It was constantly analyzing everything I did or said, the circumstances I would encounter, to the people I would meet.

The same thoughts would repeat over and over again, like a record stuck on repeat. If they were positive that would be great!  But unfortunately, most of these thoughts are typically self-deprecating, self sabotaging based on fear, stress, scarcity, worry, guilt, anger, anxiety causing the various struggles and challenges that I went through throughout my life.

My life has been like many, maybe even yours. I have struggled personally with the law as a teen, I stressed financially having made some poor business decisions, I encountered years of relationship issues and I battled with health issues. Basically, all stemming from these early childhood beliefs that I created.

At first thought, we all want to think our past mistakes, challenges and hurts are a bad thing, something to ‘do over’ or even regret. Although, what I became most apparent to is that everything has been a blessing and in term became very freeing.

Live from the perspective that all things are possible, planted firmly in the depths of your imagination. The more you believe in your own innate divine nature, that infinite intelligence, the more it starts to become real for you.



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