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Awaken Your Inner Healer

7 Weeks to Relax and Retrain Your Nervous System To Unlock Your Potential To Heal

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The Awaken Your Inner Healer Program is a profoundly transformative journey that teaches you how to relax and repair the nervous system, to empower you to step into the driver’s seat of your own health and well-being. 

Over six weeks you’ll discover how the central nervous system was impacted through the various experiences you had over your lifetime; how it affected and actually continues to affect your overall health and well-being, especially following periods of chronic stress, adversity or trauma. Plus, you’ll develop a powerful toolbox of practices to regulate and repair the nervous system.

“The techniques that Kris taught me in this program have helped me tackle my anxiety. I wish I would have taken this course years ago.” — Tina

Do you experience…

  • Chronic Stress that affects your relationships, work-life & health that you may use external sources (alcohol, drugs, exercise) to cope?
  • Anxiety, emotionally overwhelmed or have a difficulty turning yourself off emotionally?
  • Depression, feel emotionally numb?
  • Chronic pain, headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep?
  • Digestive issues like bloating, pain, irritable bowel or food sensitivities?
  • Chronic inflammation or chronic illness?
  • Desire to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier?
  • Desire to feel more balanced and have better relationships?

If yes, then the Awaken the Inner Healer Program could help you.

What’s Included

7 Weekly Live Calls

It is suggested to book 90 minutes for each Live Zoom Call. Each session will be approximately 60 minutes in length with an extra 30 minutes for Q&A. The calls will vary but could include teaching, coaching, learning and meditations. If you cannot make the live calls, you can submit your questions prior to the call and you can catch the answers when you watch the replay.

*All calls are recorded 


A brief education on the bodies stress response and the protective mechanism of the how and the why your nervous system reacts as it does to keep you ‘safe’. How through awareness and self-regulation you can relax your nervous system, reduce stress and improve your health.

Integration practices

Each week you’ll learn new tips, tools and practices that will help improve the nervous system. Using mindfulness, Breathwork and mediation you’ll have the skills to reconnect to your body to awaken the inner healer in you.

Community & Support

This program was created for group participation. So, for best results, a community will be created for your support and accountability. You’ll learn from the other participants who are making the same journey as you, to share your progress and ask questions.  There will also be live Peer-to-Peer Learning activities. 

You’ll have lifetime access to the course material!

Here’s What You Will Learn…



After a brief introduction of the course and learn why people typically join this program; we’ll move to learning the importance of a tribe and routine. We will begin to start connecting with our tribe and learn more about your fellow participants. This community will play a big role in your active learning journey right throughout the 7 weeks.

Each week you’ll will learn a tool or technique to help develop your self-regulating skills to use when triggered or in “the heat of the moment” that keeps your nervous system regulated. This prevents the constant yo-yo ‘fight flight or freeze’ response so that much less energy is required to manage your moods and emotions.

There will be fresh, new techniques each week. 

“Since doing this work I have a greater sense of calm, stillness and a better understanding in uncertainty” ~ Laura


Autonomic Nervous System

Learn more about the Autonomic Nervous System and how a balanced system is so powerful in your overall health.  We’ll explore and unwind the concept of “It’s an inside job” to better understand emotions, sensations, behaviours and beliefs; how the upset your flow and create havoc to our whole system.

By learning and practicing to relax the sympathetic nerve, you will build a better ability to maintain equilibrium in the face of stress, triggers or trauma.

Bringing the body to balance will ultimately assist you in the mind-body-spirit connection, crucial to your emotional health. Also, by definition autonomic means automatic so by regulating this system you will restore many systems of the body including their connected organs. Thus improving many areas of health within those body systems such as sleep, mood and digestion. 

My goal is during these sessions is to support you in rebuilding that connection that was once lost.

“Just like a cut on your skin; your body has the innate ability to heal, if given the potentail” ~ Kris Belfry


To The Root

Your body has been holding onto your childhood challenges, beliefs and traumas. Big or small we all have these stresses often referred to as; shadow self, ego, blindspot or dark side. 

As you begin to awaken and balance your nervous system, your body will begin to show you these traumas. You will begin to learn the process to identify where they are stored and how to release them.

As you acknowledge and release the stored energies the collapse and clear completely, fully and safely. Like a web or network, only a portion of it clears, which may only give you short term results.

However, as you continue to practice and we further develop this system in future lessons, you will start to stabilize your nervous system. It’s at this point you will begin to see positives shifts in mood, temperament, reactivity and health.


Your Body Keeps Score

Trauma is a fact of life and we all have experienced it in some form big or small, however it doesn’t have to control you. In this session you will dig deeper into the various emotions stored within the body. You will begin to retrace old patterns and unwind them to their root cause to resolve them.

The goal is not to rehash old memories but use the current energetic charges to loosen the mind and body. When you further discharge this energy it inherently soothes the sympathetic “fight, flight freeze” nervous system; which in turn stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to aid in healing. The more energy you clear and discharge from the body the deeper the healing.


Peer to Peer Call

During this weeks session you will have more meaningful conversations with your peers in the group. You will apply what you have learned from the program and will work together to explore a new way to assist you both in releasing deep-seeded energies. 

Through active learning with your community, you’ll have another tool for your tool-box to lean on when stuck or challenged.

Pain doesn’t just show up in our lives for no reason. Sometimes it’s a sign that our lives need to change.


Anger Is A Gift -Social Entanglement 

This session is an opportunity to use your social engagements to assist you in your growth. Your nervous system is powerfully influenced by the people you surround yourself with and the activities you participate in.

These can be moments to turn inward and grow or look externally and fall back into old patterns. It’s a challenge but you will see that anger, worry, fear, depressions, etc. are gifts from the universe that there is something you need to heal.  



In this final session you will bring everything you have learned and apply it to your real life.

You will also learn how to set up your weekly routine, how to use different resources in challenging situations. You’ll have a whole tool-box of resources to lean on, equipping you with agency and autonomy for meeting life’s challenges. 


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