Letting Go and Loving Yourself

In this 4 part series we delve deep into letting go of things, people and/or emotions that are holding you back from truly, deeply and completely loving yourself. Each session includes a short conversation/coaching session where we explore what it means to let go in order to be able to self love.

Each video also includes tools, tricks or techniques to help in both Letting Go & Self Love. Finally, I end each class leading a different meditation designed to assist with Letting Go of your “stuff” or to enhance your ability at Loving ourselves.

Sessions 1 & 2 – Letting Go
Sessions 3 & 4 – Self Love

These sessions are transformational and if you practice what you are taught and listen to the meditation in each lesson you
WILL see positive changes in your life.

The series is designed to be watched weekly or even bi-weekly (4 – 8 weeks) to allow you to use, practice and implement the tools, techniques learned in the sessions. It is also recommended to listen to the meditations on a regular/daily basis to maximize your results. 

Looking forward to your transformation!
With Love, K