Hi Kris, Thanks very much for the long distance session today and your follow-up email.  Both […]
I came to see Kris in extreme low back pain from what another Chiropractor said was […]
The experience I had with Kris was great. After only two sessions I have been migraine […]
I want to thank you again for coming to the house to treat me today. The […]
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“Wow!  I thought I felt alright coming in here, like I had nothing wrong.  But when […]
MUCH GRATITUDE AND THANKS! I really enjoyed last night’s healing circle and would love to see […]
Kris thanks for the my treatment.  My hips are feeling better.  Normally when I wake in […]
Amazing, amazing, amazing is all I can say.  To be honest, I was an extreme skeptic […]
Thank you for sharing with us the wisdom and insight we need to take the steps […]